C-34 Roller Furler Genoa


C-34 Roller Furler Genoa


Material: 308 OC* (7 oz) Constructed with Cross Cut Panel Layout
Area: 388.86 Square Feet
135% LP, Sun Cover in your color choice of Sunbrella, Adj. Leech Line, Adj. Foot Cord, Tell Tales, Luff Flattener, Sail Bag.

Optional Sail #’s (shown on each side) *

Tenara Thread upgrade on suncover stitching

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Optimum Cruise (OC)*

The cruising sailor’s cloth requirements, although different from the racing sailors, are no less demanding. Cruising sails must provide a level of durability in keeping with the demands of the cruising sailor, whether they be blue water, coastal, or weekend excursions. Stretch performance is also a consideration, as efficient sail shapes can help boat speed and handling, making a cruise more comfortable and enjoyable. And finally, a good cruising sailcloth must be designed with quality in mind. Sails can be a substantial investment for their owners who will expect years of service from their sail inventory.

OC styles combine quality fiber selection with high beat-up constructions for improved stretch resistance, bias stability, and fabric recovery.

OC’s medium finish is designed to balance shape-holding bias stability with a handling spec that allows for good furling and ease of flaking the main on the boom.


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