Seldén GX 7.5 Furler

Seldén GX 7.5 Furler


The Seldén GX is a furling system for asymmetric spinnakers and cruising chutes. This Top-down-furling makes cruising fun and enjoyable for everyone aboard. The Seldén GX consists of a line driver and a halyard swivel connected by an anti-torsion line. When turning the drum the anti-torsion line makes the top of the sail furl first, while the tack is independent on a swivel. At the end of the day the furled sail is a neat, tight roll which is simple to bag and stows easily.

Check out our Seldén GX Furler Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Detailed technical information is available by downloading the Seldén GX Product Sheet (PDF). If you have fitment or application questions, please contact us.

The maximum recommended sail area is 540 square feet* (See formula for sail area below)

The safe working-load is 1,685 lbs


Boat Size *

Anti-Torsion Cable *

Dimension 9 mm

Endless Furling Line *

Dimension 5/16″

Tandem Block for Furling Line *

Double Fairlead (Set of 2)

All line sizes

Snap Shackle Adaptor (Set of 2)

Spinnaker Sheet Block with Becket (Set of 2)

Seldén GX Furler. As opposed to the popular Seldén CX furler, the GX is featuring a free tack swivel and will furl the downwind sail from the top down. The concept of Top-down-furling means that the sail starts to furl around a torsion-line at the top and the tack will not furl until the fullest part of the sail is doused. To keep the installer happy, Seldén has developed a unique and patented line lock for the anti-torsion line. No splicing needed, all you need is simple hand tools. If you’re racing now or thinking about racing this is the perfect furler. Combine with your regular spinnaker and without penalty within the ORCi and IRC rules. Tandem blocks are recommended to be placed Mid-Ship. However, furling and unfurling can be done from the cockpit.

Refund/Exchange Policy

*The formula used to estimate sail area is J x 1.8 x I x .85= ~ Asymmetric Spinnaker Sail area.

I = Deck to mast length – distance from the deck to the intersection of the forestay and mast.
J = Forestay to mast length – distance from the forestay at the deck to the mast at the deck.


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 2 in
Total Sail Area (select your sail sq/ft)

< 538 (model GX 7.5), 539-861 (model GX 10), 862-1,238 (model GX 15)

Endless Furling Line (please select a length)

13 ft., 16 ft., 22 ft., 26 ft., 29 ft., 32 ft., 39 ft., 49 ft.

Anti-Torsion Cable (please select a length)

42 ft., 52 ft., 62 ft., 72 ft., 82 ft.


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