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Cockpit Cushion - Sunbrella - C-310

Cockpit Cushion - Sunbrella - C-310

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- Open-Cell Foam:
  - Structure: Comprised of interconnected cells that allow air and water to pass through easily.
  - Texture: Generally softer and more flexible.
  - Breathability: Highly breathable due to its open structure.

- Closed-Cell Foam:
  - Structure: Contains cells that are completely sealed off from one another.
  - Texture: Firmer and more rigid.
  - Breathability: Less breathable because the cells are not interconnected.


- Open-Cell Foam: Provides a softer and more cushiony feel, making it more comfortable for extended sitting periods.
- Closed-Cell Foam: Typically firmer, which may be less comfortable for prolonged use but offers good support.

Water Resistance

- Open-Cell Foam:
  - Water Absorption: Absorbs water, making it unsuitable for prolonged exposure to moisture or wet conditions unless treated.
  - Drying Time: Takes longer to dry because it retains water within its structure.
- Closed-Cell Foam:
  - Water Absorption: Highly resistant to water absorption due to its sealed cells.
  - Drying Time: Dries quickly as it does not absorb water.


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